Print your ornament hangers in 1.5sec

Nopp, that is not a typo!!


Tired of clunky, wasteful ornament hangers that take way longer to print than they should? I was too, so I cooked up a speedy gcode generator that spits out your perfect hanger in less time than it takes to hum "Jingle Bells."


I have published the tool on my website for free. A bit like Santa's workshop, but for 3D printing. And guess what? I've got pre-sliced codes ready for download, so you can hit print and get back to sipping that cocoa in no time.


As the festive vibes roll in, let the 1.5 Sec Ornament Hanger be your holiday helper. Say goodbye to printing headaches and hello to a season full of 3D-printed cheer. 'Tis the season to get crafty, so jump on board and let the printing party begin! 🎄✨

See it in action;

On the right you can see the printing in action. The generator generates a simple path of a thick, extruded line of filament. It automatically places the hooks based on your plate size and requested amount.

You can also tweak some parameters to make it exactly as you like!!

Gcode generator;

G-code Generator

G-code Generator

Add your start gcode here such as purges or autoleveling (must include G28, must not include temperature commands)

Generated G-code:

- Use of this tool is on your own descretion. Voxel3D nor me personally can be held accountable for any damage to your machine

- Make sure your print start macro is called "PRINT_START" to function correclty.